Wicked Ever After

25. Sustainable Packaging With Cory Connors

February 22, 2022 Stephanie Moram Season 1 Episode 25
Wicked Ever After
25. Sustainable Packaging With Cory Connors
Show Notes

Hey, Green Junkie!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Cory Connors, the sustainable packaging ninja. 

Cory was so gracious to join me today so we could discuss  

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Labeling and changes coming to labeling practices
  • How to ensure you’re supporting sustainable brands
  • How you can dispose of harmful materials in a eco friendly way
  • Things to watch out for in the future of sustainability

You’ll discover that and so much more in this episode.

By the end of this episode, Green Junkie, you’ll be more aware of how to support sustainable brands, read labels and feel more empowered with how you spend your money.

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Thanks for listening and being here.

Your green bestie,

Xoxo Stephanie

About Cory

Cory Connors helps companies improve the sustainability of their packaging. After 24 years in the industry, he is working hard to spread this positive message. He is happily married with two great kids in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Cory’s Podcast: Sustainable Packaging

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